For almost seventy years, Schachenmayr has been convincing with her sock wool regia. For this Regia wool you have brought out the size table for socks with Boomerang heel as a service for the perfect sock knitting. For each of five of your yarns for the sizes 22/23 to 46/47 you can look up and compare the required stitches and decreases. If you want to use a different yarn for knitted socks, you can orientate yourself in this Regia sock table and easily read how many stitches and decreases you need in comparison for the new yarn. For experienced sock knitters it is thus possible to get a quick overview of the sequence of the knitting of a sock and also effortlessly to produce two or more identical socks. In this sock table you will find all dimensions and socks sizes at a glance.

But also for the socks with copings heel there is a table for the Yarns Regia Cotton, Regia Silk, regia 4-threads, regia 6-Threads and Regia 8-threads and also for baby socks, Schachenmayr offers a table for Boomerang heel. The table shows the stitches and decreases from the baby size S to 18/19 for your baby socks wool.

Product Description | Magic Schoppel crazy Ball

The high-quality hand yarn Magic Schoppel crazy Ball is beautiful wool that will honor your name, because at the magic ball you do not know what comes out of the skein. This is exactly what makes the Magic Schoppel crazy Ball but so exciting, because it will be a dreamlike colour gradient which is of course already to be seen when buying the yarn as the colors go, however, remains a surprise. It is also pleasant to knit with this beautiful yarn, because the Magic Schoppel crazy Ball is not only available in many beautiful colours, but consists of 75 percent of pure wool and 25 percent polyamide, which not only provides a high wearing comfort of the finished pieces, but also promises a high level of knitting comfort. It is also exciting to have the magic ball because not all color variants are produced and delivered. The manufacturer is working on far more colour gradients, so that the yarn is also increasingly available in the future and has potential for knitting collection.

6-foldMagic Schoppel ball

The 6-fold Magic Schoppel ball is the program name, because this yarn is a wonderful sock and stocking wool, which can also be processed to scarves, sweaters and many other beautiful knitting pieces. The color profile comes directly from the coil, so that an annoying knitting and distortion of protruding ends can be omitted. In addition, the Schoppel Magic ball is available in 6 colors in many beautiful colors and color swathes, so that for every knitwear the appropriate yarn is included in the collection. By the way, there is also good news here as the manufacturer develops further colours sequences, which are then gradually produced. So if you want to collect socks, sweaters or other accessories and knitwear from 6-fold Magic Schoppel  ball and you fall in love with this yarn, has a long time to do and dreamlike beautiful knitting. In addition, the yarn as a true all-rounder is also suitable for pleasantly soft cushions, blankets, plaids and other living accessories.