With Rosy Green Woolwe offer our customers very nice merino wool in soft organic quality. The owner-run company Rosy Green Wool, GbR is a heart project of a Munich couple. They have their Merino wool produced and dyed with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal in Cornwall and Northland. The wool from Patagonia is delivered in Argentina. With a completely new and very soft yarn type they have conquered the market and us.

The particularly soft yarn is the result of the coveted merino wool from Argentina and several attempts with the type of yarn twisting until a very fine result is obtained. In addition to this quality comes the special intensity and luminosity of the self-composed colors. Currently, they have 22 colors in shipping. These have the sound names: Ruby, Laguna, Sand, Lucky Clover, and Poppy, Coffee Bean, Wild Mallow, Rosengarten, Schwarzer Kater, Cornwall Schiefer, Isarkiesel, Deep Ocean, Edelweiß (blackened), Blackberry, Laguna, Afterthimmel, feather, fish and Magellan. These colors are available as Cheeky Merino Joy with 320 m on 100 g and Big Merino Hug with 160 m on 100 g. Then they have since 2015 the special mixing yarn Manx and Heb Merino Fine with each 200 m on 50 g of special sheep breeds from England. The mélange yarns are made with sheepshine wool from the sheep breeds Manx Loaghtan and Hebridean for their rescue in southern England.

For customers who like to dye themselves, there are the strands Merino and Manx Merino, they have not been dyed after spinning. The entire new wool has the GOTS seal and is washable. For the special hand knitting wool of their company, the owners have also developed knitting patterns.

Owner Rosmary Stegmann continues a family tradition, since her grandparents had a spinning mill already in the 50s. Her parents continued to lead the company, but Rosmary first moved to computer linguistics and web development. In 2012, she founded her joint company with her partner Patrick, who is also a lecturer and IT consultant.

We especially recommend our customers two types of wool from this company: The hand knit yarn Big Merino is very good for the needle thickness 4,5-5,5, does not guarantee scratchy and therefore suitable for children and babies. The Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy is also softened and absolutely right for everyone. This yarn should be knitted in needle size 3-3.5. Merino wool is known for its breathable and warming effect and is very suitable in winter as well as in the transition months. Not only at trade fairs but also the wool of Rosy and Patrick are very well received, but also on well-known knitting formats and -challenges they could very quickly prove themselves. The clear strong colors and the soft organic quality are very good in this craft, so we recommend this supplier.