Wolfgang Zwerger and Beate Göhring (-Zwerger) founded the company “Wool and silk ". At the same time, they built a planting plant in Altshausen. After her move to Bodelshausen and the main entrance to the wool industry, the company was named "Dwarf yarn". In 1994 the company Tutto Beate Göhring-Zwerger GmbH was finally founded in Hechingen. In 1996, the brand "Opal Pullover andSock yarn” took over the market. Since then the wool has been marketed worldwide. Since 2002 the company bears the name Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger GmbH. In the year 2016 already the anniversary "20 years of opal sweater and sock wool" could be celebrated.

The owner-run family business now has over 20 employees, who are fully behind the company's philosophy: "Healthy clothing, healthy people, and healthy environment".

The Managing director is Frederic Zwerger, who runs the medium-sized company together with his siblings Henrike and Felix Zwerger. Quality and sustainability are important components of their company management.

We bear responsibility!

This statement is impressively underpinned by many good actions. The company Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger GmbH is headquartered in Hechingen, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Not only the entire production, but also the distribution and the marketing are handled here. As a result of the production in Germany, some new jobs were created in the region.

But the welfare of the sheep is also dear to them. For the brand Opal exclusively sheep wool from Germany and South America are used. No sheep wool from New Zealand and Australia is processed. Opal Wool is therefore guaranteed "Mulesing-free" (Mulesing = a procedure which is very common in Australia and New Zealand and is very painful for the sheep to avoid infection with fly-flies)

In 2008, the sheep-feeding project was launched. For a small annual contribution everyone can support the project. And may give a name to "his sheep". A small part of his donation gets the sheep pate as a nice value-added gift back again. The proceeds of the sheep-fattening project benefit German shepherds, nature and the environment.

Opal Wool has been supporting the environmental organization "Save the rainforest" for over 12 years with it’s specially created Rainforest collection.

The origin of the wool socks opal

The name opal is derived from "Opalus" (lat.). Translated, it means "precious stone". And likewise the Opal brand should be-like a precious gem among the many different wool qualities.

The classic Opal wool is very durable. It consists of 75% virgin wool (a mixture of German and South American sheep wool) and 25% polyamide. For the Schafpate collection, however, only sheep wool from Germany is used. In order to guarantee a consistent quality, it is dyed, washed, refined and picked under strict controls in Hechingen.

If you are interested in the interesting development of the Opal wool until the end of the production, you can watch a video on the Opal Wool Web site. Because the show with the mouse has turned a great factual story about the origin until the completion of the Opal wool.

The current 2017 collection -created with love and the appropriate themes for each season

My sock design (8 items)

Opal Light 3-speed (6 items)

Weather Lights (8 items)

XLarge Flower 8-speed (6 items)

Schafpate VII-The romantic ALB (8 articles)

Cabaret 6-speed (8 items)

Rainforest XII 6-speed (8 items)

Classics (8 items)

After a hundred water (24 items)

Uni (37 items)

There are always new interesting patterns and great colors to be added. So that knitting is even more fun.


In cooperation with Martina Umemura, the New Opal Relief Collection will be published in autumn 2017.