New products from Bergere de France

Bergere de France is number one in France when it comes to yarn and knitting wool. The company has been passionate about its products for 60 years. The company has a wide range of high quality products. Whether you are looking for angora wool, silk or acrylic, at Bergere de France you will always find what you are looking for. The quality of the luxurious products speaks for itself.

The company is strongly committed to sustainability. Therefore it is extremely important for the company that the raw material for the production of the wool and the yarns is won fairly, with an environmentally conscious background. Especially the yarns respect the Oeko-Tex® standards.

The procurement of animal fibers for the goods is strictly controlled. Thus, the animal welfare is very important. For example, the breeders cut the Angora rabbits only three to four times a year. The animals are treated with love. They are given only limited skin, so that they do not harm the animals themselves.

The use of harmful substances for production is also prohibited. Thus, the company guarantees the harmlessness of its goods, both during manufacture and in use.

We are proud to offer a wide range of different yarns and wool from the Bergere de France brand. Our product range ranges from ABAKAN to WAOUH WOOL and includes different materials, colors and textures. Due to the fact that we can offer you a wide range of goods from this impressive company, the right yarn or the right yarn for your requirements is certainly here. We also support the sale of this product with a fair, sustainable and environmentally friendly production idea.

In addition to wool and yarn, we also offer various other products from the company. With us you get different instructions for knitting models. With us, babies, toddlers, teenagers, women or men, you will find the right pattern for your project. There is also a kit for dolls, babies, toys and winter clothes. You will also receive special bags from the company, Stick vinyl and a starter pack with different wool for the production of stuffed animals. If you want to make socks, you can buy plastic soles from us.