The alpaca is a camel species that has been kept and bred for the most part over 3,000 years. In contrast to sheep wool, the alpaca wool is finer and lighter. Originally from South America, it is now more and more fashionable in Europe and is more and more common among the sheep wool. Sheep wool allergists should dare to try alpaca wool. The Alpacas live at high altitudes and have to protect themselves from the local cold, particularly fine underwear which has a good insulating effect. These sober animals are ideally adapted to extreme weather conditions, be it cold or even heat. The clothing made from alpaca wool is therefore very comfortable in all weather conditions. The fur of the Alpacas consists of fine hair, which can grow very long, up to 50 centimeters. They are sheared once a year before the summer and then give up to 5 kilos of wool. The colors of the alpacas vary from dark brown, almost black, over brown, beige, but also gray tones can be found. Already with the undyed wool you can get countless shades. The dyes of the wool give particularly beautiful, broken colors, which are very attractive in the interplay with the slightly fluffy surface of the thread. The finer the fiber, the more valuable it is. Particularly fine fibers are provided by the young animals, the wool is then referred to as baby alpaca.