Lamana wool - new in assortment

In 2010 the company Lamana was founded in Germany. The company is headquartered in Bielefeld. Although the company has its roots in Germany, it is very connected with the local circumstances of Peru. Through a trip to Peru, the founders came up with the idea of creating this company. There was a close cooperation between partners in Peru and the company in Germany. The artistic artisan of the Peruvians plays the decisive role here, by the traditional production and processing of the high-quality, Peruvian raw material from natural fibers, an incomparable quality of the final products is guaranteed. This makes the product of Lamana so special.

For this reason, we decided to include the luxurious, high-quality Lamana product in our range.

We offer you exclusively nine different wishes of the company. You will receive the Wool Bergamo, Catalina, Como, Como Tweed, Cosma, Cusco, Cusco Multicolor, Cusi and Ica. The wool mainly consists of high-quality, Peruvian alpaca wool and baby alpaca wool.

The clothes made from this wool are sold in Germany as a luxury article. This has its reason, the wool is very special in its nature. The alpacas are exposed to high temperature fluctuations at a height of 5000 meters, the wool of the animals protects them from heat and cold. For this reason the wool also offers optimum thermal properties for humans. Moreover, it is still very comfortable to wear on the skin and also very light, the baby alpaca wool is especially soft. Therefore, it is very popular among customers. We offer the alpaca wool in different colors and textures.

In addition to the Alpaca wool, the company also distributes Merino wool. This wool is obtained from Merino sheep. It is above all wool which is characterized by elasticity and uniformity. It is light and therefore comfortable on the skin. It also does not scratch, is breathable and automatically regulates the temperature.

The high quality Pima cotton is also distributed by the company. This is the queen of the cotton. It is of high quality, which is because it has a fiber length of 32 mm and more. Pima cotton also has a very special gloss. Therefore, it also bears the name "South American silk".