How do I knit a boomerang heel? This is a simple sock knitting instruction. Take a needle game for socks with sock wool and knit the first rows of the cuff as long as the heel is allowed, then start with only three of the five needles a boomerang to knit the cuff, which is later entangled with the remaining needles. The boomerang variant is the simpler form of heel knitting and historically probably the first knit for socks.

Here I describe a sample with four times eight stitches. The heel begins at the stop with knit stitches I knit to the end of the first needle. The stitches which are only on a single needle, I divide by three and knit on the backstitch left stitches but first a double border is made. This is done by placing the thread in front of the needle and the stitch from the right and lifting both so that two threads lie on the right needle then tighten the thread very tightly then knit the left stitches to the end. So there is a smooth right stitch pattern on the front.

After turning, I add a double border for the thread in front of the needle and stitch, lift both and tighten the thread so that no holes are formed. Now knit the row in the right sets until the double edge then turn and start with a double border. From the right, pierce in front of the stitches and tighten,continue knitting all stitches on the left, also knit in this row up to the double border, turn and add a double border. Before the needle and the edge stitches from the right, pierce, lift and tighten. Now knit the row again with the right sets until the double edge. Turn around and start with a double edge stitch then turn the whole row to the edge of the border. So we have three margins each at the edge. I continue to knit until there are five stitches as border stitches. Five double edge stitches on each side and six normal stitches in the middle, this is the first half.

For the beginning of the lower part of the boomerang heel, I knit two smooth rounds over the whole heel. A double stitching is knitted as a right stitch so you make a double stitch again.

Now the heel has three parts: five outer stitches and the six stitches in the middle. I knit to the right the first five, then the six stitches and another one beyond then I turn to work. Again I insert a double edge stitch and continue with left, six knits I knit down and one more stitch, the needle game is used and I knit a double border. The first knitted border stitch is knit I now as a right stitch, then again a stitch is knitted and used, double knit stitch and left edge stitches I knit, to the opposite double stitch, this knit I knit as normal left stitch and knit a stitch more – turn, double edge stitch and continue to the right. I always keep on knitting, at the end, I knit a round of stitches over it then I knit a last double edge stitch and then distribute the knit again on four needles with eight stitches. Now you see the embroidered boomerang of the heel.