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New products from Bergere de France

Bergere de France is number one in France when it comes to yarn and knitting wool. The company has been passionate about its products for 60 years. The company has a wide range of high quality products. Whether you are looking for angora wool, silk or acrylic, at Bergere de France you will always find what you are looking for. The quality of the luxurious products speaks for itself.View more

Healing wool - Marianne wool


Wool is able to absorb up to a third of its own weight without moisture. This moisture is then discharged again in a dry environment. Small woolen hairs ensure that no evaporation cold is produced. Dresses made of wool are permeable to air and favor the breathing of the skin.

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Presentation of suppliers Rosy Green Wool

With Rosy Green Woolwe offer our customers very nice merino wool in soft organic quality. The owner-run company Rosy Green Wool, GbR is a heart project of a Munich couple. They have their Merino wool produced and dyed with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal in Cornwall and Northland. The wool from Patagonia is delivered in Argentina. With a completely new and very soft yarn type they have conquered the market and us.View more

REGIA Socks Table

For almost seventy years, Schachenmayr has been convincing with her sock wool regia. For this Regia wool you have brought out the size table for socks with Boomerang heel as a service for the perfect sock knitting. For each of five of your yarns for the sizes 22/23 to 46/47 you can look up and compare the required stitches and decreases. If you want to use a different yarn for knitted socks, you can orientate yourself in this Regia sock table and easily read how many stitches and decreases you need in comparison for the new yarn. For experienced sock knitters it is thus possible to get a quick overview of the sequence of the knitting of a sock and also effortlessly to produce two or more identical socks. In this sock table you will find all dimensions and socks sizes at a glance.View more

Knit Socks with boomerang heels by yourself

How do I knit a boomerang heel? This is a simple sock knitting instruction. Take a needle game for socks with sock wool and knit the first rows of the cuff as long as the heel is allowed, then start with only three of the five needles a boomerang to knit the cuff, which is later entangled with the remaining needles. The boomerang variant is the simpler form of heel knitting and historically probably the first knit for socks.View more

Info post in the blog "What do I have to consider when washing wool clothing?"

Basically, it should be noted right at the beginning that there is no reason to be afraid of washing wool. While these are still sensitive-this is in the nature of the proverbial thing-but: as sensitive as at the time of our grandmothers, today's wool is no longer, here a lot has been done in terms of materials technology, so that the wool washing with a good detergent is no longer a problem, provided a few basic tips and tricks are observed.View more

Presentation of suppliers | OPAL

Wolfgang Zwerger and Beate Göhring (-Zwerger) founded the company “Wool and silk ". At the same time, they built a planting plant in Altshausen. After her move to Bodelshausen and the main entrance to the wool industry, the company was named "Dwarf yarn". In 1994 the company Tutto Beate Göhring-Zwerger GmbH was finally founded in Hechingen. In 1996, the brand "Opal Pullover andSock yarn” took over the market. Since then the wool has been marketed worldwide. Since 2002 the company bears the name Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger GmbH. In the year 2016 already the anniversary "20 years of opal sweater and sock wool" could be celebrated.View more

Knitting Gloves

If you have not knitted any gloves, you should first knit mittens. Finger gloves are knitted similarly, but require some practice. Knit mittens and also knit finger gloves are the absolute hit among the knitters. The gloves are usually worked in rounds with a needle game spread over five or four needles. Knitting in rounds forms the gloves to a hose. No seams are produced.View more
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