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In 2003 Marianne Stingl founded the woolshop mariannes-opalwolle.de in Germany. With love and passion for everything knitted, she successfully established herself in the following years in the online market for knitted wool and accessories. She is supported by her daughter Magdalena Stingl.

For private reasons, mother and daughter decide at the end of 2016, Marianne wool in other hands to hand over the two in my group, Matthias Heigl, and my team of Fuchs DIY GmbH, will find a suitable successor. Consistent values ​​for the raw material wool as well as dealing with nature create from the beginning a trustworthy basis. This "heritage" of Marianne and Magdalena Stingl continues to live in our new online shop.

A takeover brings with it changes - so also with us. You will find more service, new functions and a revised design on our homepage since the end of September 2017. 

In addition to technical innovations and a new look you will find a further developed assortment. From now on you have access to approx. 25,000 products from the manual work area, which we have constantly in stock.

When browsing through our online shop, you will find that we now have more products as well as new brands in the assortment. As in the past, quality comes first. In the future, too, we will exclusively focus on branded products and consciously abandon quality-inferior goods from the Far East.

As a standstill for us means a step backwards, we remain "on the ball" and continue to expand our online shop. In particular, international expansion and translation into different languages ​​are our next goals. According to the motto: wool for all.

We hope you like our new shop design and product range. We are looking forward to praise, suggestions and other feedback as well as about constructive criticism.


Best regards

Matthias Heigl & Team